For The Love: Jared Jones

This weeks installment of For The Love  features my good friend Jared Jones of Alabama Elite Hoops. Being the Program Director of Alabama Elite Hoops, he has a total package for young players trying to better their game. Offering one on one and group training sessions, player development/exposure camps, workout/game film and great publicity, all to help them get to the next level. I've done some work for him in the past at his Skills Combine camp. With his love for basketball, I knew I would be able to find him in the gym to ask him some questions. 

What is your greatest reward with training young players?

My greatest reward would be seeing all the high school seniors I work out with get scholarships to play in college...thats probably the best thing. Outside of that, just seeing players get better on a daily basis who train consistently. 

With the speed and skill of the game changing so rapidly, how do you adjust to help the players adapt?

Really just keeping the game simple is the main thing. Try not to do too much because you see a certain player do a certain thing; just play your game. If you can dribble, pass and shoot, then thats all that matters. Don't try to be a NBA basketball player when you're barely on the middle school team. Work hard and you'll get there one day. 

Using the tag line "Be Elite," what does that mean to you?

Its more so of a lifestyle. Be Elite in school, basketball...whatever you do, try to be the best at it. Don't try to be average or mediocre because everyone can do that. You want to Be Elite in whatever you do

In your opinion, who is the most fundamental player in the NBA? 

Fundamental....? Shit, thats a tough one....At any position, the most fundamental and best all around game I would have to say Kobe Bryant because he has the complete package that a player needs to win. 

How do you feel about the (basketball) talent in Alabama? Do you look to expand the brand to different cities/states?

Alabama is definitely coming along compared to when I was coming up. Coming from Ohio, I thought kids from Alabama weren't that good just from seeing them personally. But the kids now are trying to play on a higher level and few are being seen across the country. So, the talent is definitely good especially in the upcoming high school class. The 2016 & 2017 class probably has 4 to 5 players from Alabama who are in the ESPN Top 100. That's pretty good for a state thats mostly known for football. As far as expanding the brand, Im really looking to go into different cities throughout Alabama. Once I get to all the metropolitan areas of the state then I will want to expand to other states. Kids from other states, such as Georgia, Florida and Tennessee, have reached out to me and attended the camp. To me, thats pretty good for a small brand trying develop these kids game throughout the Southeast.