For The Love: Justin Milhouse

Back with the 4th installment of For The Love, my brother Justin "J Milllz" Milhouse is this weeks feature. I met Justin over 6 years ago while in college and has now become my creative/business partner. If you click the PROJECTS link above, you will see some of our work. With his talents ranging from film making to photography, he is definitely one of the few people that push me to be better at my craft. When I went to Detroit I got to pick his brain about a few things.

Off top, would you still be shooting if there was no Instagram?

Hell yea. I was shooting before Instagram ever started. Its a story behind my photos. Even though Instagram is a great platform, it wouldn't stop me from doing what im doing now. A lot of people now are just shooting or becoming "photographers" to post for likes. I wish I could tell them, "don't shoot for IG...shoot for yourself."

Between videography and photography, which one do you enjoy the most? And which one took you longer to grasp?

It goes back and forth sometimes. Sometimes video, sometimes photography...right now Im in my photography mode where I enjoy just going out and shooting. Even in this mode, I get the urge to shoot video sometimes. Im going to say photography took longer because I don't shoot enough video to create my own style yet. If I shot more video, I would be able to put my stamp on certain things. Since I've been doing photos a lot more, Ive been able to create my own way of shooting. Between video and photography, I like to just go out and shoot; capture whats around me. A lot my subject matter is based off get your best work out that way.

For those who've followed/known you, know that your Grandfather is a big part of your life. How much has he influenced your work?

He was/is a big influence. I didn't even realize it until I really started getting into photography/videography. He would expose me to different art forms when I was growing up. Took me to art galleries and used to do reports that I never wanted to do. Back then I didn't understand but later I realized it influenced the way I look at things, even with my writing. Those reports helped me now the way I express myself through photography and even blogging.

How do you feel about missed shots that you can't recreate?

It can be frustrating sometimes. If I can't catch it that particular day, I feel like there will be another day I could go out and shoot it. There are times where, for example, it may be storming and I know I can get some epic shots but I might not have my camera or have something else to do; I know I can get another opportunity. Now if its something with people, that can frustrate me because I could probably never get that person doing that particular gesture. That's just the challenge with street photography. You're not going to catch everything. You have to keep going out and shoot daily.

What separates you from others?

I think the consistency is what separates me. Im always trying to do more things. Its not just photography...its videography, blogging, interviewing others, ect. I don't like to just use one lane. I like to use all aspects of creativity to get my point across. I'll just let the work show I'm different from others.