Worth a Thousand Words

If you look closely, you will see a young man with a huge surprise look on his face. I'm glad to say I was the reason for that. A little about myself: I've been in Alabama way too long. Because of school and work I have missed a lot of my niece and nephews' growing up. So now, I try to make it to every major event that I can. 

The Story: My mom told me that my nephew was graduating from the 8th grade but it was on a Monday. I told her I was coming. I bought my ticket home and left it at that. After a week, I found out my oldest sister, niece and nephew didn't know I was coming so I decided to make it a surprise. Made up this false story that I didn't know....blah blah blah...The day of graduation comes and my oldest sister and niece is surprised as hell that I'm there. My nephew was at the school already. Fast forward to the picture above; after receiving their certificates, the lady at the podium tells the students to turn around and thank the parents and family members for all they have done. My nephew spots the family but because he didn't know I was there, when he saw me his face lit up. I was just glad to be there and make an already great day better. I continue to say, cherish these people in your life.