For The Love: Robert Simpson

For the second installment of For The Love, I was able to get my brother Rob. He is someone that I've looked up to for some time now. I asked him to be apart of the project because he loves sneakers. Not one for the hype but truly for the love. 

What did sneakers mean to you growing up?

Sneakers mean style and freedom. Its a way to express your individuality. I've always been a person that loves sneakers for the stories behind them. The anticipation of waiting 2 years for a sneaker to release is a great feeling. I'm just so passionate about it. My mom and older cousins always had a plethora of sneakers. I actually used to stay down the street from the shoe store. When I think about it, I always stayed within a mile of one. 

Most memorable sneaker/holy grail...

My grail may not be the same as everyone else's but mine is the Metallic 5's. Simply because it was the very first pair of sneakers that two of the most important women of my life bought me. First of Jordan's my mother bought for me and the first pair that Bri (his fiancé) bout me. I would never get rid of these. One of favorite actors, Will Smith, actually had these on in the introduction of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Its just a very special shoe. 

What's your favorite shoe in your possession?

My favorite Black and Cement Retro 3's. Always has and always will be my favorite. It's just a classic look. Those are my babies right there. 

What do you wish to pass on to your kids? 

Always keep your sneakers/shoes clean. Thats the first thing a lot of people look at. A lot of people don't realize it but your sneakers tell a lot about you. It can show that you care about your appearance. I would actually like to pass my whole collection to my son once he gets into my will save me a lot of money. At the same time reminding him that its just shoes. They can be replaced so don't ever take it serious if someone step on them. Lastly, just stay true to the sneaker game and understand the history....the player, the meaning, and why they are iconic.