For The Love: Tatiana Johnson

For the first installment of For The Love, I reached to my good friend Tatiana. She is a woman of many talents. A great writer and true visionary. I also know that she is an avid magazine and book collector. I got a chance to ask her some questions about her love for print. 

What is your all-time favorite magazine? Your Holy Grail?

It would have to be the Rolling Stones with 50 Cent & Kanye on the cover. I kept it in a zip lock bag for as long as I could to keep it fresh. The cover was so dope to me. 

Is print dead?

HELL NO! Especially not overseas. If print is dead, its an American thing. Overseas you're going to come out of pocket for certain magazines but its going to be filled with so much content. They're thick too; like encyclopedias. 

First print you bought with your own money...?

It was The Source. It's crazy because I had a chance to work with them right after college but it was a non-paying job. In turn, a few years later I became a writer on staff. 

Top 5 Magazines

The Source, Fader, Word Up!, Seventeen and Vibe

If you weren't collecting and spending money on prints, what else could you be doing with your money?

Another trip. Another drink. Another flight. Another tattoo. When you spend $80 on a magazine you realize something is missing...i.e. food. But after spending that much money, you're full with happiness. Yea, I could have used it to put gas in my car instead of getting up extra early to take public transportation to get to work, but thats the sacrifice I make sometimes to obtain timeless tangible goods.