Back To Blogging

I have been slacking on my site. Everything is so instant now. I fell into that trap. I had to pull myself out. I was constantly wondering what others thought of my pictures. I got caught in the hype of chasing "likes" on instagram. I no longer was shooting for me. I had to change that and change it quick. Took the time out to re-do the site and go back to 08/09 when I was really writing and documenting things. I used to create platforms for others; thats what I loved. So I came up with this small project entitled For The Love. I see people on social media posting things they're passionate about and I wanted to highlight that. Hopefully, but not promising, I can introduce a new installment each week. I will be reaching out to people that I believe have a story to tell. Since this is the beginning of the summer, I want to try and update my blog as often as possible. Feels good to be back.